KumonAnyhow, you might have various thoughts towards a digital camera, for instance, "When photographing with a digital camera, all operations are left to the camera", "A user's manual? what I read is only a few of beginning pages." or "I shot several times actually, but a film camera is still fine with me."

However, when your digital camera is skillfully operated, you will be able to take a photograph as you like with a picture quality equivalent to that of the silver halide camera (film camera), more economically and speedier than the silver halide camera.

What is important is "Properly understand functions that are surly necessary and accurately command them." To this end, these functions will be introduced here in a nine series. A through reading of the nine-time series will enable you to acquire much knowledge about a photo shooting. The basic knowledge is almost covered in this series. As for some selfish users who think that "A nine-time series of a digital camera looks a bit longer", you may visit a three-time intensive course [Introduction of a digital camera].

Written by KUMON, Yasushi (Experiment Photographer)