KumonRecently a growing number of people are using digital cameras at sightseeing spots or events around you, don't you think so ?

In Japan, it was in 2000, just three years ago that a turnover amount of a digital camera surpassed that of a silver halide film camera. What's more amazing is that the sales quantity of a digital camera is expected to nearly treble as that of a silver halide film camera within this year, 2003 (Data source: CIPA or Camera & Imaging Products Association in Japan; http://www.cipa.jp). A remarkable proliferation speed of digital cameras all over the world is a real eye opener.

But, it can be said that a camera in general including a digital camera and a sliver halide camera is still "a mysterious black box" to many users. Especially a digital camera works most of operations at the flick of a button or a dial, so you can't see directly how the camera works inside. That's why digital cameras are getting more and more mysterious to camera beginners.

This series is designed for even such novices to enjoy a picture taking more freely. The most up-to-date version of digital cameras comes provided with amazing multiple functions, but, in most picture taking situations, so many functions aren't required.

A digital camera allows a user to check a result shot in real time or instantly and what's more, there are no extra expenditures such as a roll of film, a film developing and a hardcopy printout. Through some hands-on operation of a camera on a desk while reading through this series, you are sure to experiment with most of basic functions. Now let's get started.

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Written by KUMON, Yasushi (Experiment Photographer)