KumonGetting a SLR camera, you learn a general operation. That said, then, are you now satisfied with the end result pictures you shoot? Some of users might answer this question the other way round. Why ?

The reason is that, let's say, all the picture takings are left to the camera mechanism, isn't it ?

A camera of recent date is remarkably sophisticated and intelligent, so we can shoot pictures that will meet our reasonable expectation even when a shot is left to a camera. But we feel still something different. What makes you feel different is that a feeling of "we take a shot by our own will" is thin.

An approach of "We take a shot by our own will" can lead to a lot of mistakes or errors. Frankly speaking, however, a true enjoyment in Photography might exist in these mistakes or errors.

This series is designed to encounter a picture that will be felt fun from the bottom of our heart more freely. Shall we open a world of our photo expression further through a hands-on operation of a camera rather than seeing and reading ?

Written by KUMON, Yasushi (Experiment Photographer)