Mr. Kumon's Camera Beginner's Workshop

Let's have more and more fun with a camera!

We have prepared four guides to help you enjoy your camera in many ways, whether as a hobby, on your job, or to showcase your everyday life. You can be introduced to any of the guides by accessing anywhere you find interesting.

Click this if you want to take a picture of something but don't know how to do it. This web page is full of the very best secrets for beginners to take a good photo.

A digital camera is a palmtop product but has a surprising number of functions and high performance. A simple operation may result in a professional-looking photo.

As it is more sophisticated, a digital SLR camera seems difficult to use. However, you can use it as desired just by knowing a few points. It can expand your photographic world thanks to speedy handling, ultra-high image quality, and many kinds of accessories.

This web page is filled with know-how for taking full advantage of film single lens reflex cameras. It also presents interesting facts ranging from the history of photography including cameras, to concepts for exhibiting photos and photographic expression.